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thighs that make short work of short shorts.

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Have you seen that young little whipper snapper? Her pink booty shorts, bra top and cellulite free legs perform reverse crunches with ease. Her flat stomach doesn’t wobble when she does a jump squat and there is not one fold of stomach skin hanging down to the ground in her plank.

She is a sponsored ad on Facebook. She is a 30 second video on Instagram. She is a clip inserted into whatever Cat Video you were just watching.

And, those young flippertygibbets are awesome. They are like the ghosts of women’s bodies past. A memory of what once was.

Well, at least for us right?

I am assuming that most of my readership are NOT 20 year olds who think bra-tops and booty shorts are acceptable outerwear?

I think that a lot of you are just like me. Kissing the door of our 40’s and 50’s and wondering why our thighs make short work of short shorts.

And this is the reason my gym, my nutrition programs and my philosophies don’t focus on cramming your body into a bikini while flashing your oiled up abs at the camera.

I mean GREAT if that’s what you want!! You can have it if you like. 

But also, remember that it is also GREAT if you don’t want that. If all you want is to feel strong. If you just want things to be tight and not wobbly. If you just want to look great in your clothes. If you just want to look in the mirror and think “Yes. That’s not too shabby”.

Just because I own a boot camp, does not mean I expect every person who joins us to end up on the cover of Oxygen.

What I do expect is that every single member is happy in their own skin. They are happy with their own goals and their own limitations.

I expect you to feel stronger than before, more confident than ever and I demand that you smile and laugh.

Life is too bloody short and as far as I know, there is still no way to freeze time…and so enjoy today. Enjoy your body. Enjoy feeling good about YOU.

Oh and….enjoy $400 off a 6 month membership and FREE access to our bonus Hour Glass Fast Program in January (another $200 savings).

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You are enough.

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