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This DOOM text I got while driving…

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I got a text while driving today and all it said was:


OK people…do you know what a text like that does to a person? Immediately I wonder who died, who slipped and fell in the icy parking lot, which trainer is currently smouldering in a fiery crash and didn’t make it to the studio on time to open the doors…

All sorts of images flashed before my eyes….sheesh.

Turns out the text was from long time member Nicki who, with the help of of latest meal plan, had a MAJOR break through. She was so thrilled that she needed to tell me…with multiple explanation points.

Now, unless you live under a rock (or you just joined my email list “HI BEWBS!”) you’ll know all about The Hour Glass Fast challenge that started Monday.

Natalie even told me this morning, that 3 days in, she’s already seeing results…ahhh, nothing like instant gratification 🙂

Anyway, Nicki went on to say that while she is loving the meal plan…so does her husband and he even compared the steak she made to a steak you would get at The Keg (ok, I think that’s more about her cooking skills than my meal plan…but still….)

Anyway…Nicki *gushed*, via text, about the life changing nature of this meal plan and our boot camp and well, thanked me for being a total inspiration (brushes shoulders off).

But see, here’s the thing….

I’m 37. You’re probably close.

I’m divorced, I have a kid and my goal with my body at this point has transcended having a HOT bod on the beach. I’m not looking to slay the red carpets and I don’t really care any more amount my thigh gap.

What I do care about though is not being winded when I run up a couple fights of stairs, I care that my ass is big, round and fills out my yoga pants. I care that I STAY motivated for the long term and I really want my son (and future family) to enjoy a naturally heathy lifestyle.

I care about being healthy and sexy in my own skin. 

And thus, our meal plans and our workouts are intended for just that. They will change your life as well as the lives of those around you too. And when they do, and your husband or partner finallllllly jumps onboard the health-nut wagon too and you can finally live that healthy, sexy, inspired life you have always dreamed about…

…. don’t send me a “freak out text” at 8 am 😉

If you’re ready to work with a team of health professionals who are mature enough to understand that your fitness goals have surpassed those of an moccasin-wearing, bucks-sipping, eye brows on fleek 20 year old basic, then you can grab a 2 week test drive for our program. It’s kinda like your ticket to freedom..

Grab yours here:

Alrighty folks…time for me to ski-daddle. Round booties need MOAR SQUATS.

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