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So I had 2 hours sleep last night.

Yep, I went to bed around 2, tossed and turned and my alarm went off at 4:30am. Ugh…I’m literally laying in bed right now as I type to you.

As you know, we recently rebranded to my own company called 10000 Strong: A nutrition and fitness revolution, and with rebranding comes re-painiting and reno’s which can keep a girl up way past her bed time. If you ever see me use push pins in my walls again, just remind me of the plastering hell I went through last night can ya?

Anyway, the new company is a community focussed studio that is entrenched in the well being of Durham Region.

I really want to change the lives of 10000 people and I want to do that through working out and dam good food. I want those 10000 people to motivate another 10000 people and so on and so forth.

I want us to create a health revolution. I want everyone to LOVE working out and eating well.

I want women and men to feel happy, to smile and to feel confident and in control of their weight. I want you to like what you see in the mirror.

I want to end embarrassment and I want to stop the tears of self-hatred. I want you to live energetically and have the motivation to workout every day. I want you to make time for working out and not try to squeeze it in when you can and I want you to have a studio that speaks to your soul..

…a studio, that when you walk in and throw down your coat, feels like home.

… a studio where every body knows your name 😉

… a studio that welcomes you with open arms and reminds you that you CAN be that strong, happy, confident person…you just have to keep at it.

I want 10000 Strong to be your saving grace like it has been for so many of our members. I want you to feel the way they do. You deserve this, you need this and you should be allowed to have this luxury in your life.

I want you to at least try it out. Just for 2 weeks…..just to see.

And, if you can see past my mid-renovation plastering and my almost-done paint job, you’ll feel the love we have for you.

Your 2 weeks comes complete with all the motivation, inspiration and education you need to keep you going for a life time.

…grab your pass today!

I can’t wait for you to join us.

Talk soon

Misty RHM
10000 Strong Boot Camp

PS: My brand spanking new online nutrition program launches tomorrow. You are going to get a ‘ho bunch o emails about it because its on sale for half price. If you miss this deal, it’s gone forever. The emails are motivating and inspirational and you’ll learn something new in each one. I am not here to fill your inbox with useless crap…I just want you to be happy and healthy.

Watch this space!

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