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Time, sleep and stress are NOT valid reasons.

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Are you hiding away from doing the best you can do?

Are you making sure that every day you give 100%?

Now that the New Year is in full swing, it’s easy to get caught up in the go-go-go of the daily grind.

Gone are the lazy days of Christmas, where time was on your side and you could nap, cook, workout and still have time for family.

Gone is the dopamine hit of your new fitness regime. The reality set’s in now and it’s not as sugar coated as it seemed.

And as creatures of self-preservation, we tend to back away when the going gets tough.

We have enough stress in our lives to consider adding more. We have enough time constraints to consider adding more. And God knows we don’t get enough sleep, so taking away more for early morning workouts seems impossible.

But, when you look at your life, in every single area, can you say you are doing the best?

When it comes to my businesses I can say I am doing the best but when it comes to my nutrition can I say the same?

I workout everyday and I KNOW some of those workouts have been a little lame – but did them anyway because I am here to give 100% and guess what…if I am to give 100% then I am going to have to create a daily habit.

I’m all or nothing in my approach to life, so working out daily is just the way it’s gonna be.

All in.

So what about you? Can you workout everyday? 5 times a week? 3?

Can you give it 100% more than last year?

I think you can and with our new 19 day detox that starts next week, giving it your all is going to be easier than ever.

Your meal plans are done, your juicing regime is laid out.

You’ll have unlimited access to our personal training sessions and you’ll lose Christmas bloating and weight gain faster than you can move a shake-weight.

What’s more, you’ll be creating a habit that will keep you giving a 100% in your health and wellness routine.

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