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Today is YOUR Day 1.

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And so she started another Day 1.

Sarah has logged many "day ones" in her diary. She has started over on her fitness journey countless times only to stall after a couple of months.

Sarah keeps her diary because it's a place to store all her wins but as she reads back over the years of entries, she see's a very familiar pattern…

She starts a program totally motivated, she writes in her diary about all the success she is having, she even records her weight which steadily decreases…pound by pound, week after week.

And then somewhere in week 4 or 5, the diary entries stop…6 months goes by, maybe a year, and she starts over.

At day 1.

Her weight is higher than ever this time. Her clothes don't fit. So in desperation she starts a new with her weight loss journey, promising this time to be better. To be more committed….

But yet….as the weeks progress, the diary entires fade away.

And so, another day 1 starts. 

But this time she has started at 10,000 Strong Boot Camp. And her goal is too never have a day one again. To keep going with their daily 30 minute workout program. To keep on top of her food.

Her goal is to never start over again and knowing that she has a new fitness family to keep her on track and accountable will make this day one different than any other. 

This time will truly be different.

Sarah is looking forward to day 100. Day 200. Day 10,000.

She knows she can do this.

And so can you.

As someone who has struggled with obesity, stress, and emotional eating, Sarah's story is familiar and similar to my own failed attempts at weight loss and probably to many of you reading today. So, how about this:

How about we work together to never have a day one again?

We work on consistency, we work on accountability. We work on quitting the stop-start fitness program and just maintain a daily approach to health?

You can work on day 1-14 with our 2 week test drive and see where it takes you from there….your last "day one" is a click away:

14 days of commitment will prove to you that you CAN do this and that you are ready to say goodbye to the old you.

See you soon

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong


1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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