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Transabled? The new Transgendered?

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One of my super powers is that I have always been empathetic and able to see a story from both sides of the coin.

I have the knack of neutrality.

I try not to air my opinions too much….


I read this article about being “Transabled” which basically means a person who has a strong desire to be disabled.

They live their lives wishing they had no legs, or just one arm.

They pay surgeons to remove limbs or the roll around in wheel chairs even though their legs are fine.

As someone who celebrates the body and everything it can do, I was shocked and saddened.

We should be so thankful for what our bodies CAN do.

We should use our bodies every day, we should run, jump, sweat.

Our bodies WANT TO MOVE.

Our bodies need to be active for 30 minutes every day….my entire boot camp is designed around this concept!

A body that is denied physical activity will fail….and so will the mind.

I cannot help but feel bad that no-one has ever instilled the love of movement into these folks.

My goal in life is to bring fitness and nutrition to every single body and have them LOVE what their body can do.

I strive to make people proud of their strength and their health.

Our members devote time, energy and money into becoming more healthy whereas I see a Transabled person devoting time, energy and money into becoming the opposite.

Maybe I am speaking out of turn, but from the standpoint of a fitness professional and a woman who celebrates every body……

…from overweight to underweight, from 2 arms to 1 arm, from weak to strong….

…I don’t think I could ever support a Transabled Movement.

Here is the full article:

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