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Type A Stress Monster Weight Loss Plan

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It’s been a while since I have felt this in control and this motivated to be as healthy as possible. And I know how that sounds coming from a personal trainer and nutritionist. You expect that we are always chewing on chia and singing into our smoothies…

Well, I would be a total fraud if I told you that every day I ate kale and drank kombucha by the gallon << this just isn't the case. Just like you, trainers and nutritionists have their own battles to fight. And, coming from an ex-fatty, I have all those inner demon’s in my head just waiting for me to slip up 🙂 Little buggers. But, I recently did something that flipped the switch. I recently did something that helped me turn over a new leaf and has left me completely dedicated to making 2016 the healthiest year ever. Yep, I completed the 19 Day Cleanse: Juice This, Eat That (I have your copy below). I ditched my morning coffee, I ditched my glass of vintage wine. I ramped up my protein and fibre as well as introduced three different healing juices into my day. I followed the meal plan, the recipes and the grocery lists and I made the yummy juices as suggested both morning and night. Within a week a trainer commented that I was looking trim and lean. After 2 weeks I could see the flatter stomach and after the full 19 days my clothes started to feel baggy around my belly. Now, seeing that I am the poster child for “type A stress monster” this cleanse worked absolute wonders. It helped my entire body heal, it got rid of a tonne of bloating, it gave me a whole whack of new go-to weight loss recipes and it was super easy to follow. So, if you feel life is too busy to focus properly on weight loss, think again. Juice This, Eat That has everything laid out for you so all you have to do is follow along and lose weight faster than ever before. This book has rave reviews from local people including Leslie W, a boot camp member and self-titled sugar-holic…She said: “Misty – I loved the detox!! I never, ever felt hungry. I never had the desire to reach for my “go to” snack food – the junk! The crackers, chips and chocolate! Never!! What an eye opener that is for me. Eating properly can curb my cravings. I thought I was a healthy eater but now I have the tools to choose foods that prevent cravings. Actually, when the 19 days were over, I craved juice and want that instead of my morning coffee. I will definitely continue to juice.” Nice huh? So, if you really need to start a new chapter in life, this is your going to be where you begin:

Have a gander…just think, you could be 15 pounds lighter by St.Patty’s day.

Talk soon

Misty “fresh juice fetish” Mozejko
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