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Tuesday was a great day…

I got a great piece of unsolicited advice and I got to meet a great new member…

So first off, the unsolicited advice:

I was chatting back and forth with someone who really enjoyed our classes, had done a 2 week test drive and was looking to join. The only problem was that [and I quote]:

“If you had a pay/per class, and a reasonable rate, I would be interested.”

Ok, let me address this as it comes up a lot.

The reason I do not have a pay per class option is simple…

…I simply cannot offer the flexibility of 40 unlimited classes a week, pay rent, payroll, bills and taxes and have my members not commit to this program.

…I cannot run this business on “pay per class”.

… I cannot commit to providing challenges, meal plans, holistic nutritionists, the best trainers and a fantastically convenient studio when you won’t financially commit to coming in and using the studio..

…I don’t get a “pay-per class” option on my electricity bill i’m afraid.

…BUT…maybe most importantly, I cannot offer pay-per-class, because dropping in when you feel like it won’t get you to your goals. It won’t work and I will DIE before offering our community another waste-of-time fitness program that get’s you nowhere.

Now, the second part of that sentence I won’t even bother defending. My rates as very reasonable. End of.


As I said, the very same day I met this amazing women called Karen.

Karen is just joining up and looking for the long term commitment. She is looking for a place she can call home. Karen looked at all our pricing and told me straight up we were the best value in town.

Karen gets it.

Karen had done her home work.

One of these people will be joining 10,000 Strong and will get insane results, and one of these people will join Fit for Less….

Just sayin’.

Ya gotta pay for the good sh!t.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra on your health, if you think that you are worth it and if you are sick and tired of the results NOT guaranteed programs in Durham Region, maybe it’s time you tried us out:

Friday rant over folks. You can now resume normal programming.

Misty RHN
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