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Using Fear As An Excuse Will NOT Help You Lose Weight.

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Being scared is not an excuse, in fact it’s the biggest pile of BS I have ever heard.

A fitness business coaching client of mine is scared of ditching her full time job (that she hates) to pursue a full time fitness business gig.

The fear is of course money based…and I am sure we have all been there.

I hear it all the time when people are considering joining boot camp. They biggest fear is the perceived “expense” of boot camp.

And I just can’t get my head around this point of view…why struggle for the next 20 years trying to lose weight when you can struggle for 12 months and get the body you want. Yeh, you’ll spend some money on getting there but way less than 20 years of failed attempts.

I did it. And truthfully, the 2.5 years of losing weight kinda sucked…and I am SURE I could have done things better, quicker, more efficiently had I had the trainers and nutritionist at boot camp…

But now I am here, everything is the way it should be.

So, if you are frozen, if you are stuck, if you are unable to move forward with your dreams because of a silly little thing like money….then I implore you to think about how LONG you want to spend *trying* to lose weight.

You can get it done, and be happier, stronger and leaner in 12 months OR you can be bitter and pissed that your $30 gym membership failed you…again…for the 5th year in a row.

I’m only here to help you succeed…I want you to come out on the other side of this glowing with pride.

It happens all the time…we have 150 members here and each one of them is glowing, Sometimes it’s from squats, but mostly it’s because they are so dam proud of themselves for doing this once and for all.

One more thing – our 12 month membership has a massive discount on it when you pay everything up front…Now, I know it’s 3 days before Christmas, but your New Years Resolution is just around the corner and saving money might be on the agenda,

Talk to Andrew, our Sales Director and he can sort you out with either a 2 week test drive or even with that discount:

And hey…don’t be a stranger. Hit reply and let me know your News Years Resolution 🙂

Talk soon

Misty “discount dealer” Mozejko

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Same rules as any forum type apply.

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