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verbal love shots to the heart

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When was the last time someone told you that your smile is contagious or that your ass is hot AF?

When was the last time someone made special mention of your inspiring personality or maybe your stunningly toned arms?

If you are a member here at boot camp then the answer is probably “yesterday”. If you are NOT yet a member then your answer might very well be:


^^^ and honestly this is the saddest thing ever because you know what?

You deserve to be told about all the wonderful parts of you. All of the wonderful personality traits, all of the amazing things you have accomplished.

You deserve to have someone stand up and tell the world just how amazing you are.

And, that is EXACTLY what every single member at boot camp is doing this month. You see, we have a little challenge going on for our members whereby they basically have to leave a little heart shaped love note stuck to the wall.

On the note, one member will tell another member how amazing they think they are…and then, when that member has found their note, the must pay the love forward and write their own little love note…

….and so it continues.

The walls at boot camp are now COVERED in love notes. In compliments. In little verbal shots to the heart that make each member feel special.

One member was even crying with happiness when she read her love note because it touched her very soul.

And you see guys, THIS right here is WHY we are different than your regular churn and burn gym.

This is why people like OTF, Life Time and Goodlife can’t touch us.

There is no-one in this entire world that is as dedicated to lifting people up, to making people feel good about themselves and who spends her live impassioned about making our region a healthier and happier place than….

Yours Truly.

10 years I have dedicated to the health and wellness of Durham Region residents and guys, i’m just getting started.

If you feel that your health deserves more than a boring circuit at the gym and you would simply LOVE to be immersed in the CULTURE of fitness and the SPIRIT of positivity then you should join us for 2 weeks.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays I host new member orientations at 5:45pm so you are welcome to grab your 2 week test drive and come along:

I’ll even write you your very own love note.

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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