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Waiting in the cashier line of shame

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What if I told you we have a special place on the interweb dedicated to you. I would have loved something like this before I decided to take action and sign up.

Oh I remember those days. Completely obese and hating every second of my life.

Of course I smiled and didn’t let anyone in on how I was really feeling because I didn’t know where to go or what to do.

I had no clue what type of meal plan I should have been following or what type of workouts I should be doing to lose weight. I just kept eating shit and kept getting bigger.

I remember hating shopping for clothes at the mall because the cashier could always see that my pants were a gut busting 42”!

Sure I would always peel the size label off them and try and hide the 2XL shirt size when standing to wait in line. Feeling that everyone was judging me as I stood there in shame. Trust me it’s a horrible feeling.

I would have killed for a place to buy a workout shirt without someone looking at me like “yeah you’re gonna work out…not”

That’s one reason we created this amazing all-inclusive 10,000 Strong: A Nutrition and Fitness Revolution. You see the goal is to help 10,000 people in our community become fit and fall in love with sweating, meal prepping and fitness.

We want you to feel great about yourself because you deserve it.

One way to extend our reach into the community and beyond was to create an online store where you could shop judgement free and get the latest meal plan to help you kick start your journey. You can join our results driven, camaraderie building challenges and now for a limited time only you can own a beautiful 10,000 Strong moisture wicking super-luxe t-shirt.

This is the perfect shirt to workout in or grab some groceries.

This will help us spread the message and help even more people and you will be a big part of that.

We have a men’s and ladies’ sample at the studio if you want to check them out in person.

You can get more out of a boot camp session when you aren’t being held back by a heavy sweat-soaked cotton t-shirt or tank. Today’s fabrics are light weight and help wick the moisture away from your body keeping you cool and dry.

Instantly all your friends will know where you got so fit without even having to ask you.

Want to rep your boot camp pride?? Then go check out our store and place your order today. The shirts are great and will only be
available for a limited time.

You don’t want to be the one who missed out do you?


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10,000 Strong: A Nutrition and Fitness Revolution

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