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Wanna handle my fat baby?

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You may recall that during December I had members record their workouts by scooping out blobs of fat into a bucket.

That’s right, I literally bought all the Crisco in Durham Region. You trying checking out at Walmart with 15 commercial sized of Crisco…

Anyway, I did have a cunning plan. A masterplan if you will….

You see, I know that women always complain about “only losing a pound”. They eat well, exercise every day and, with too-high expectations, they leap on the scale each Sunday to find that..

They ONLY lost one pound.

And then they get mad, say “screw it” and dive head first into a bag of chips.

So I figured I needed to show these women just EXACTLY what one pound of fat looked like because truly when you see it up close and personal, it’s really quite bloody disgusting.

Anyway, through December, I did my fat-hording and then I melted the fat, dyed the fat, bagged the fat, branded the fat and then weighed the fat.

And the result was nothing short of horrendous. 

Bags of oozy, lumpy fat weighed out into 1lb, 2lb and 5 lbs bags….

Now, this weekend we are conducting the AFTER weigh-ins for 70 of our Hour Glass Fast Challengers. You see, these guys spent 3 weeks on an intermittent fasting program combined with our 30 minute boot camp sessions…

And these guys crushed it. We are seeing anywhere from 5-20 pounds lost in just 3 weeks. We are seeing 3-7% body fat lost and of course masses of inches burned right off their stomachs.

And so, to celebrate their accomplishments, the challengers all posed with their bags of fat. You can see the pictures on my time line….they are amazing.

And now look, this attention to detail. This attention to motivation. This creativity and this innovation is what we do here at 10,000 Strong. Lets be honest….weight loss is a lot like smashing your head against a wall… wouldn’t it be nice to have my team and I make things a little more fun along they way?

And tell me something, when was the last time your gym let you man-handle their fat?



If you are looking for a weight loss inspiration, you are intrigued by our creative motivation strategies and you also want to lose 20 pounds by March…get started with a 2 week test drive.

You’ll get 90 unlimited training sessions to choose from, a goal setting meeting with our head honcho (moi) and of course a massive dose of motivation after handling all my fat…

Doesn’t that sound awesome?… 


I'm not just smack-talkin' when I say my fitness and nutrition program works…

Till tomorrow

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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