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Because if the dramatic results we get at Whitby Fit Body Boot Camp, I recommend that before you start you should check a few things with your physician.

I know that seems extreme, but there are somethings you should know before coming to our weight loss and nutrition program.

First things first, you should get your annual check up….

Why? Because your Doctor is going to be so shocked by your results they are going to want to have a “before and after” blood work on file.

You think I am kidding?

Just talk to Nicki, who after just three weeks on our Juicing program, was told to ditch her high blood pressure meds by her doctor.

Or what about Ang, who ate Tums like like candy because her digestive system was broken….

5 weeks with our Nutritionist and she no longer need any thing to help her stomach.

Possibly the most intense results came from Andy, who was headed for colon surgery.

After just 8 weeks with our program, surgery was a thing of the past and her IBS was under control.

As I said, you will be shocked by what we can do for you, your Doctor will be relieved also 😉

Now of course, intense results can be a mixed blessing…you will need a new wardrobe, people will be jealous of you and you are going to have to trash a bunch of junky foods.

You will also need a selfie-stick…cos you will be blowing up Facebook with your post workout selfies 😉

Changing your life so radically is a roller coaster, a good one of course!

Are you ready for such a huge change?

If so, drop us a line at 905 725 FBBC or hit reply on this email.

Talk soon

Misty “check yo’ self” Mozejko

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