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Was this your husband….?

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Today was an odd day.

I witnessed a really awful car accident in Brooklin and had to give my report to the Police. I had to stay on site for about 30 minutes, help the drivers involved as well as wait for the first responders who I had called to the scene.

Everyone walked away with their lives and I think we were all just a little shook up more than anything.

Anyway, here's where the story get's a little lighter…you see, the Police Officer who was first on the scene was taking our statements and so was asking for our name and number etc for the reports. He asked me my last name which I spelled out for him:


It doesn't exactly roll of the tongue now does it?

Anyway, he studied my second name for a brief second and then, he said: "First name Misty, right?".

I looked at him, horrified.

Being on first name terms with the authorities is not exactly a life-goal of mine.

So, taken aback, I replied: " Yes! How did you know this?"

To which he said: " Well, you're kinda a celebrity around these parts,"

"I am?!?!"

"Yeh, you're the fitness guru. My wife is friends with you on Facebook".

Ahhhh…..good old Facebook. How I love thee..

So, if this is your Husband, tell him Misty say's Hi AND I thought their entire team was TOP NOTCH at the accident today. Calm, cordial and organized. 

Anyway…back to me being a celebrity (that's my fave part)…

I don't really think I am a celeb..I think it's more that I have been in our community for 10 years offering fitness, nutrition and motivation. I think anyone can be a GURU after 10 years and well…having a name like Misty helps….sounding like a stripper can work in your favour.

But the truth is…it takes guts to be in a persnickety and fickle industry such as fitness. It take's lots of guts to face down the big box gyms and the multi-million, churn n burn, franchises.

BUT….my absolute and unwavering passion for helping our community will never die off. I'll be here for another 10 years to come…maybe i'll even sign an autograph or 2?

Anyway, you should know that I was flattered by his kind words but all in all, I am just here to help you get better.

And, if you are looking tol feel better, get stronger and shrug off a Summer of Sangria and S'mores….then maybe you should check out the 12 day detox that starts soon?

30 spaces have already been filled, so it's selling out quickly AND, at $97, it's the cheapest and fastest way to fix up your fat-loss for fall.

Anyway, here is the link – go check it out now before it's all full:

It's going to be an amazing 12 days and the best part is, you just have to follow along. Everything you need to do is written out for you in your very own Clean Slate Detox Book.

See ya there!

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