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Weight loss for the highly un-disciplined.

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People have asked me in the past how I stayed so “disciplined with food”.

The see me tucking into another salad or mushing in some peaches into my cottage cheese and they wonder where I get my motivation from to eat this way.

But actually, I am not a very disciplined person at all.

The fact is, I actually only do stuff IF I enjoy it.

Work, food, exercise…everything.

I am very, very, very bad at making myself do something I don’t like.

I think i’m actually a hedonist at heart.

And so, when it comes to food…I only eat stuff I like.

It’s just, the stuff I like these days is really healthy.

I don’t really enjoy pizza and garlic sticks. I like ice cream but could live with it. I enjoy chocolate but don’t NEED it…

I do however need vegetables and I do crave things like eggs and fish.

And trust me, it wasn’t always this way

It’s just though my schooling and education I began to eat better, and I ate better for so long, that my tastebuds changed from enjoying overly sweet items into being absolutely disgusted by them.

I used to be able to eat double stuff oreos and pizza, but now I simply find them too sweet and too salty. To the point where it’s simply not enjoyable.

So you see, it’s not about being disciplined, it’s about changing what your body finds enjoyable.

So I have a plan for you:

If you purchase the attached 6 week meal plan, and follow it to the T, I bet by Fall you will really start to NOT enjoy all of your sugary and salty downfalls.

In fact, all the foods that you KNEW piled on the pounds but simply couldn’t say NO too will just taste like a pile of salt, fat and sugar.

You won’t need to deprive yourself of these foods, you simply won’t want them.

How much easier would be it to reach your goal weight or peak physical fitness if bad foods didn’t even register in your brain.


So, your Summer challenge is to follow this 42 day done for you meal plan and let me know how your taste buds are doing in Fall.

I cannot WAIT to hear what you think:

If you are a woman, click here:

If you are man, click here:

Oh! And enjoy the discount too 😉

Talk soon
Misty RHN
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