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Weight loss is NOT a one man job.

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There comes a time when we all need to re-focus.

We need to put aside a little time to just work on ourselves. Whether it’s reducing our work load, our stress load, eating better or working out…sometime we all need a “re-focus”.

Re-focusing means you are interested obtaining a specific outcome…for example, if I am feeling to stressed out, I might focus on ways to reduce stress. I might pick up a hobby or chill out with friends more.

But what abut fitness?This seem to be waaaaaay harder to re-focus on than simply reading a new book or getting a new hobby.

It’s a lot more enjoyable to have to re-focus on fun stuff…which is why all of our efforts around fitness seem to fall flat on their face. You start a new fitness kick only to find yourself slipping just a few days into it.

You decide to focus on eating healthy foods…until the food truck comes by.

You decide to take your supplements…until you run out.

The truth is, re-focusing on your fitness, your nutrition and your health is NOT a one man job. If you really, really want to re-focus on losing weight and getting are going to need a team of people to keep on firmly on the band wagon or to pick you back up when you fall off.

If you have tried and tried to get focused on weight loss and you seem to lose motivation quickly on your own…don’t worry. You are not alone – you will find that 95% of the population lose more weight, get bigger muscles and stay motivated for years (not days) when they have a team cheering them on. Makes sense right?

And this is why our next fat loss and fitness challenge at 10000 Strong Boot Camp is team based – because your team of 3 will provide you TRIPLE the results.

25 people have already signed up for the next incredible fitness and nutrition challenge to hit Whitby and Oshawa…are you going to join us too?

You can either grab your own team, or simply sign up and be assigned a’s up to you. But once you register your life will change…I promise you this.

With over 120 workouts and a done for you 21 day meal plan as well as your team of weight loss buddies, you can’t help but reach your goals.

We start on April 25th and we would love to see your face there.

More information and registration can be found here:

It’s your time to re-focus on you 🙂

Talk soon

Misty RHN
10000 Strong Boot Camp

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