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Weight Loss Stupidity: calories in v calories out.

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I’m waiting at the Doctors office right now. The waiting area is ummmm….cozy.

The patients hawking and coughing in my ear is umm…..charming.

The morning rush is in full swing and the waiting area is crammed with empty, growling tummies and sad, forlorn faces as patients prepare to be turned into a pin cushion.

I’m here because I need to get my insulin and cortisol levels checked…. Sounds fun right?

But, if the blood tests come back the way I predict (off the goddam charts) then I will have just uncovered a very important piece of the weight loss puzzle.

So many women workout often and eat well as a rule yet they struggle with weight loss and battle weight gain every day.

They try every meal plan, detox and fitness regime under the sun and report little or NO weight loss results…

…and that’s the most frustrating thing in the world.

And I too am trapped in this cycle. Years of stress took their toll and my lean physique took a beating. The hormones that deal with metabolism have basically shut up shop and now I am on a mission to fix them back up.

But I won’t give up, I’ll just keep searching and learning. And, just like everything else, once I have the answers I can then share with my members.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times:

Weight loss is not easy. It’s not a simple math equation. Weight loss is not always calories in versus calories out. If that were the case, i’d be a rake by now.

AND as you get older, it gets a lot harder to figure out the right path to your weight loss and body image goals.

Now look, no matter what stage of the weight loss game you are at, daily workouts will not only ensure you stay strong and supple, but it will help keep your stress levels at bay.

Being with healthy, like minded people will elevate your mood. Sweating every day improves not only your circulation but gives you that sexy, healthy glow.

So yeh, the weight may not drop off but you’ll be strong, confident and happy with your new found muscles and you can work with our nutritionist to find a good solutions that you can work with for the long haul.

If you are feeling trapped right now and need to finally find a long term solution to your weight loss and stress weight rut, go ahead and join us for a quick 2 week test drive.

During these 2 weeks you can see if this program makes you feel better. It should provide you more energy right off the bat. The meal plan it comes with should abolish cravings and burn off more fat, your 2 weeks will provide you with instant motivation…

And all for just $29….

Here you go:
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Misty RHN

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