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Last Sunday I went to the batting cages…it was the first time ever, in my life that even held a baseball bat let alone tried to hit a ball.

After I squashed on a pre-used, sweaty helmet onto my perfectly straightened head of hair, I peered through the metal cage and made my way over to the batting cages. I was swiftly re-directed to the 45mph “slow ball” cage…probably so I didn’t get my head taken off from the faster pitches in the other cages.

I watched my boyfriend set himself up and I tried to memorize the stance and the positioning…truth be told I was scared…I hate failing at anything and I didn’t wan’t to fail in front of my boyfriend or my son.

All too soon it was my turn, I had to go in and get ready. I didn’t know what to expect and before I knew it, the ball was bee-lining towards me. I was startled and so, like an absolute wimp, I jumped out of the way and let the ball sail by my head.

I turned and looked at my boyfriend with a big pout and thought “there’s no way I can do this”.

But then, just like clockwork, another little voice kicked in and it said; “stop being a wimp, get your shit together and play like you mean it”.

And so that’s what I did. I squared up, kept my eye on the ball machine and just made sure I gave it my all.

That pep talk let me hit 95% of those balls and send them sailing into the nets in a game I have never played and a bat I had never held before in my life. My boyfriend watched open mouthed as I hit ball after ball. He asked me afterwards if I was just lying to him about never playing baseball before. Seen as it’s NOT the national sport of the UK, I could assure him I was most certainly a baseball virgin.

But look, I believe in the power of positive self talk. It will make the difference between sucking at something or being a rock star. So, I had the choice of refusing to believe I could hit those balls OR believing that if I gave it my all, I could totally do it and wow everyone.

And this goes for everything in life. If you believe that something will go well, it will. But if you believe something with fail….then it will.

Weight loss will work if you give it your all and, conversely, it will fail if you try to half-ass it.

If you ONLY do the workouts and eat poorly it will take you ages, if not forever, to lose weight.

If you only do Weight Watchers and fail to workout, you will never have the body of your dreams as your droopy bum and weak arms stare back at you in the reflection.

You need to find a place that does BOTH your nutrition and your training sessions under 1 roof.

Hmmm…I think I know just the place 😉

At 10000 Strong we combine nutritionist services along side personal training and boot camp classes. You get everything taken care off under one roof which means it so much more convenient for you. No more running from the Gym, across town to Weight Watchers any more! There’s simply no need to waste any more of your time (and money).

Give us a try and you’ll see what I mean:

Time to level up and get a whole new fitness and nutrition program…built just for you.

Misty “under one roof” Mozejko

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