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Welcome to Whitby! *rolls eyez*

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Bells. Whistles and fancy schamcy heart rate machines.

Yep. Don't worry, I've seen their sponsored Failbooks ads too. 

Yes indeed. The next big American franchise has hit Whitby and I'm already getting a few sympathetic comments from a friends and non-entrepreneurs.

But, as with everything in life (and business) we all know that a turd rolled in glitter is still a turd.

The reason I left a big American franchise fitness chain to pursue my own brand is because my community is important to me. My fitness family is my everything.

Being able to know each face, help each person and ensure our community thrives is my goal.

To be honest, I care more about the people aspect of fitness than I do about the bells and whistles.

I care about love. Happiness. Acceptance.

I value our community's health and well being.

I strive for personalization and familiarity.

I wanted to create an accepting home for anyone who felt overwhelmed and intimidated by chains, big boxes and franchises.

And so that's what I did. I created happiness.

As a person who has personally felt demoralized by the fitness industry's flashy splashy marketing,  I created 10,000 Strong as a shelter from fads and gimmicks.

And, it's about time 🙂

If you are interested in trying out our judgement free 30 minute group sessions and fancy a bit of HIIT TRX or maybe some free weights to help strength and lengthen your body…. Well, I got a 2 week test drive waiting for you here:

We are a revolutionary company. One of a kind. And we take your happiness to heart.

See you soon

Misty RHN
10000 Strong Revolution.

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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