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Well, it’s cheaper than therapy….

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All you have to do is be kind.

Listen to peoples problems. Help people when they ask. Reach out to those in need. Smile when spoken to, hug without question and be patient and loving even when you feel like screaming.

You see, everyone is damaged. 

Everyone has their bad side. Everyone has something they need to work on. Everyone has insecurities and everyone can snap..

And sometimes you will be on the receiving end of all of one persons negativity and you can feel pretty beaten down by it. But trust me when I say that every single person is going through something and you are probably the person that is helping them the most.

So be kind.

Be patient.

Be loving,

Personally, in my appointments with new faces and old members, I can come across an entire battlefield of emotion. I can get snapped at, cried at, laughed at. I can get snarked at behind my back and even to my face. I can run head first into a minefield of insecurities that blow up in my face when unearthed.

And guess what.

That's OK with me.

I'd prefer for people to come in, lay it all out on the table, get everything out of their system and leave feeling cleansed then have to fight to keep all their emotions inside them, poisoning them with every thought.

So come cry, yell and scream at me. I'm kind and I can take it for I know that you, dear reader, are going through a lot of shit. You are damaged and you need someone to just be kind.

If you are not ready to spill your guts yet, that's ok, but why not come and leave some frustration on the floor at boot camp. Our anti-bacterial rubber floors are the perfect place to purge all your insecurities…and at $29 it's cheaper than therapy…

We even have a therapy dog 😉

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