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what do sex toys and bootcamp have in common?

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So today I wrote an email about vibrators.

I couldn’t help myself, I just had to take a stab at it. A new client for my other business (ya know, the writing one) sells various products and well, he sent me his Sex Toy email for critique.

And, because I couldn’t help myself, I went ahead and “banged” out my version of a sex toy sales email for his product and sent it back to him.

I mean come on…what a great way to start Hump Day!

Anyway…I sent my version over and it basically focused on ways to feel connected to your partner….let’s face it, after years and years doing it missionary with the same guy you might find yourself yawning into your partners face half-way through.

You might have let it go a little. You might just actively avoid it. You may even not feel that attractive anymore…

….but guys,  what do you think sex toys and boot camp have in common??

Yup….they are both PROVEN to make you a sex-god once more 🙂 Your body, for one, looks amazing. Your ass is round and firm and your boobs are perky and full. Your stomach is strong and your cardio is ON POINT…

Even more than that tho is your increased self-confidence. I mean come on, it’s way easier to feel like a sex-kitten when you know you look hot as shit!

You’ll be taking home the gold in your nightly bedroom olympics and it will be all thanks to boot camp.

Ok, I know this is a pretty tongue in cheek way to sell such an intensive and elite nutrition and fitness program but hey…benefits are benefits.

If you feel like turning your body into a temple to be worshipped then maybe you should start with a 2 week trial of our classes. The worst that could happen is that you strengthen your sex-game…

Bye for now kitten

Misty RHN

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