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What does weight loss feel like?

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That secret little smile that creeps over your face when you see a few more pounds gone.

The little surge of joy when your weight finally creeps under 200.

The pride you feel knowing you did good this week.

The confidence and the resolution to keep going for another few weeks.

^^ That's what weight loss felt like to me.

And yes, while the scale is a terrible thing to mark your success with and it is WAY better to follow things like inches and body fat…

…I still couldn't help but celebrate when I finally got my 6 foot frame under the 200 pound mark.

Of course, there are other things that feel amazing when you start losing weight…I remember the feeling of being able to curl up on the couch with my knees tucked into my chest. When I was bigger, there was no curling up on anything. Laying my massive body flat out on the floor was about all I could manage.

I remember the first time I felt my bicep muscle. I was just sat waiting for my fitness class with my arms crossed and all of a sudden, I could feel a hard lump instead of squishy fat.

I remember trying on clothes at the store and not feeling fat and frumpy. Looking in the mirror and enjoying my reflection. Enjoying all the new types of clothes I could wear now. I enjoyed slipping into size mediums and sometimes even a small (ok, that just because I have small boobs, but still).

I remember the energy, I remember the confidence, I remember the encouraging comments people made.

Losing weight and getting fit is really really enjoyable. Once you are on your way, there is so much to enjoy about the process.

You just have to get going with it, stick with something for a good few months and then you'll experience all these positive changes and more.

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Can't wait to hear your success stories too

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