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What it really takes to get fit

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The answers about how to get fit, strong, lean and healthy has become the topic of conversation for the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry and has managed to confuse the hell outta most people.

Should I do low carb or low fat?

Should I count calories or pounds?

Should I Zumba, Cross Fit or Yoga-lates my way to a flat tummy?

I honestly don’t know of another industry that has so many answers to a very simple question…

How do I lose weight and build muscle?

Well guess what…it’s not that hard. Not one of you needs a shred, to cut or to bulk. We don’t need a plethora or pills, potions or powders and what we don’t need, is the pharmaceutical companies offering us toxic quick fixes that act as a band aid to the real issues.

Nope…do you want to know what 10 years in the fitness industry has taught me?

It has taught me that getting in shape is about showing up. Every day.

If you work out, every day, for a long time, it will work.

And some days, those workouts are going to suck. And some weeks you are going to be down in the dumps and it’s going to take all you have to get back in the groove. But you must show up.

Your kids will be sick and your birthday celebrations will included too much food and booze. But you must show up.

And..there will come a time when you believe that “it’s just not working and I’M NEVER GONNA LOSE WEIGHT”…and guess what you gotta keep doing. Yep >>>> showing up.

If you can commit to just showing up to boot camp, the rest will take care of itself.

Because in time you will become part of this lifestyle. You will automatically make better food choices because you will feel inspired. You will gain motivation from other members and our team of trainers. You will get stronger and happier…

Why?…because you showed up every dam day.

Start there. Start with committing to your your workout. Start with just showing up….everything else will fall into place.

We have the perfect short term plan for you here:

If you can show up to workout for those 19 days, you’ll be able to do it for life ;0)
See you soon!

Misty “show up, don’t blow up” Mozejko

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