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What to eat before a workout (and after)

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I'm sat outside the Whitby Library. I'm early (type A trait) and I have $60 worth of Groceries here for a kick ass nutrition presentation with The Whitby Wolves.

I am basically in charge of showing 20, 7 and 8 year olds how to fuel and how to repair between school, games, home work and practice.

And it's not about grabbing a high fructose corn syrup Nutri Grain either…

No way.

This all about showing the kids that carbs go before a workout and protein goes after.

Carbs are like the gas you put into your car. If you don't out the gas in well, you won't get very far.

So, knowing that these kids need lots of high -quality, slow burning "gas" to make sure they play at peak performance I'm about to drop some awesome recipes.

Now, after they are done tearing around the ice and they finally collapse onto the couch with sore muscles then we need to power them back up with protein.

Protein repairs all the little micro tears that occur to our muscles when we workout. These little tiny rips need protein to heal and to grow back stronger.

And so, after a workout, protein is your go to guy.

Of course, you need recipes, you need quick and easy snack ideas. You need to know how to prep all this stuff ahead… Right? 

Well, on top of 40 flexible workout times per week, our fitness and nutrition studio gives you your very own weight loss coach and nutritionist who will provide you exactly that.

Step by step, plan by plan, meal by meal, family friendly diet plans.

It's all part of the service! 

And, because Black Friday is always a great time for a sale… I've got a $600 savings on your 6 month membership.

When was the last time you paid $10 for a PT, weight loss coach and Nutritionist every time you went in? 

Yeh. Never.

2 more sale memberships available here:

Grab it will it's hot n ready

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