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What YOU can do about a a flabby tummy.

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I am writing to you today because you need to know the fastest way to lose your flabby tummy.

It’s proven to work…every single time.

It’s cheap, it’s easy and it’s simple.

What is it?

Step 1: Complete a trainer supervised high intensity interval training session done in multiple short bursts throughout the week.

Step 2: Follow a high protein, lower carb meal plan.

Step 3: Drink 3.5 litres of water a day.

If you have flab on your stomach then it’s down to a few things.

1 – you do not drink enough water so you retain it.
2 – you eat too many bad carbs at the wrong time which is stored as fat
3 – you do not have enough muscle mass to help burn calories from the body
4 – you do not have enough muscle tone to help keep the stomach flat

Make sense?

So many of our boot camp members adhere to this plan….

Clearly they get help from their personal trainers and in house nutritionists.

They get motivation from the other members.

But they lose insane amounts.

In just 5 weeks Cheryl lost 15 pounds, Tammy lost 11 and Janice lost 10.

It’s not just luck…they worked hard, followed their plan and lost inches from their bloated tummies <<<< they are happy campers. It’s not rocket science, but the motivation can be hard. I get it. So you have a couple of options…!!” class=”validating”> >and grab the BOGO offer for July and August.

See you soon

Misty “rocket scientist” Mozejko

PS: The BOGO may be sold out…you’ll have to check 😉

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