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What you really need to change your life.

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You are NOT going to like this.

I know this, because I hated hearing it too.

But if you want a massive change in your life, then you have to make a massive change.

I pondered for a while what this meant.

Does it mean I have to pack my bags and move to Outer Mongolia?

Does it mean I have to go Vegan?

Does it mean I start a new religion?

I mean, I am sure all of those things will change your life.

I am sure, your perspective will change…but is that the ONLY way to make massive change?

I mean, I can’t leave my son, my meat or become Buddhist…so how can we make extraordinary changes in our ordinary lives.

Well first off it starts with a Mindset shift.

If you want to lose weight and get fit, then you have to prioritize your workouts.

You have to prioritize them over work, family and friends.

If you are looking to become to healthy lean person you dream off, you have to do the things that a healthy lean person does.

Then, you have to start adding in uncomfortable things.

Like extra workouts, meal plans written by professionals.

You have to do things like juicing and watching your protein intake.

You have to sign up for new and exciting sports and events.

Yes, it’s going to cost money….but pretty much everything important to us does.

Once you start making these smaller changes, and many of them within a short time frame, massive things start happening.

Sometimes we don’t need to to turn everything upside down and start over.

Sometimes we just need to make 5-10 changes for a massive shift in our life.

Can you think of 5-10 things you can change in your health that would bring you to the next level?

Let me know


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