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Whats your fave position..?

In: fitness

I think mine is on my back.

….for core and ab work that is.

What were you thinking??

I know that crunches are about as effective for creating abs as an x-large pepperoni pizza, but I’m more about those v-snaps, ball exchanges and even the ones where we use the pull up bars to hoist our legs up and then lower down with excruciating pain…


I like laying down core work…it also means my poor heart can recover for a second from all those dam burpees.

Things that I hate include:

>>> wall sits – I just can’t deal with the burning quads.

>>> narrow grip push ups – I look like a fish out of water flopping around and gasping for breath

And, my worst…

>>> Pull Ups – a member once called them “Hang Theres” because thats about all she could do.

See…we all have our likes and dislikes but they key is, do to them anyway.

At boot camp you’ll never have to do 30 minutes of straight burpees (although I did this at home once as a dare and I’m still walking funny), we will never make you do push ups till you puke…

…but we will ask you to enjoy the stuff you love and just grin and bear the stuff you don’t.

After all, we have to do the stuff we suck at so we can truly change our bodies.

And…actually…there is some sick kind of satisfaction at getting better at the stuff you hate. Seeing progression in your pushups means a hell of a lot more if you hate them.

It proves that you are getting better.

I can’t wait till my chin goes ABOVE that chin up bar. I mean, I’m gonna hate the road there, but i’ll sure enjoy the view at the top.

So look, just get comfortable with being uncomfortable and the results will make you proud.

You can use the next 8 weeks of Summer to set some goals and kill ’em.

Wanna master that narrow grip push up with me this season?

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