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When was the last time you did this?

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The lake stretches out in front of you for miles while lush, green trees are reflected on it’s surface.

The sky is blue, the lake is still and all around you is peace.

Life by the lake is slow, there are no deadlines.

Life by the lake has no watch, no internet, no incessant notifications from email or Facebook.

Life by the lake is filled with memories and is the magical ability to restore you….to put back some of the pieces so you start to feel whole again.

When was the last time you simply absorbed nature?

When was the last time to exchanged screen time for lake time?

Summer is here and if you have not reserved some time by a lake….I suggest you do.

You need that down time. You need nature to restore you.

There is nothing more fulfilling than making memories outside your phone.

While you think about restoring your soul, why not think about restoring your body too.

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You could be a whole new person.

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Talk soon

Misty “lake and kale have the same letters and are both good for you” Mozejko

PS: Just a reminder that you not only need to create time and space for your self….you are ENTITLED to it.

No guilt, no fear…make time for YOU.

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