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When women do manly things.

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C’mon…there is A LOT of talk in the news right now about men and women switching roles…

Bruce Jenner has come to the forefront right now and to be honest…I only know the bare bones of the story…

I can’t say I care too much about other peoples lives to the extent that it would make me actually listen to the news….

I have a massive aversion to filling my brain with anything unless it propels me forward in life…

BUT we have our very our gender breaker within our midst…

Shocking right?

Sharon publicly declared this morning that she did her very first set of MAN PUSH UPS..

….and she is a girl.

WHAT!!! This is way more newsworthy that anything else I see in the news right now…

It’s this kind of thing that really inspires me.

Pushing yourself to the next level.

See, when women start doing pushups, we have to start on our knees. Our upper body strength is so low, that we physically do not have the muscle power to do a full push up (aka MAN PUSH UP) on our toes.

Our arms buckle, our chest and shoulders are not strong enough and our back can’t take it.

Men, you are way stronger than us naturally so you can usually push out a few good ones – lol….

But women…nah..we start out on our knees and go from there.

BUT SHARON…Sharon has crossed over to the other side.

She just completed her first set of man push ups….on her toes and everything.

This shows her hard work, her dedication to boot camp.

Pushing her muscles to do one more rep until she gained enough strength to level up…

Well done Sharon..we are proud of you! Keep going.

Now to everyone out there who needs to level up….lets chat.

I have 5 spaces open next week a Free Fat Loss and Freedom Session.

During this 45 minute session we will discover what YOUR body needs in order to lose weight.

Included in your session we will….

1 – Discover the one thing that is blocking your fat loss and fitness
2 – Create your fat loss building blueprint
3 – Figure out what hurdles stopping you getting what you want
4 – Understand what you can do next to really find your dream body and heathy nutrition.

Mapping out a plan is the first step to getting you back on the right path.

Maybe doing man push up’s isn’t your thing…but I know you want to be healthier.

So, book in for one a Fat loss and Freedom Session and we can figure it all out 🙂

Appointment times are 7:45pm Tuesday 5th of May, 5pm Wednesday the 6th of May and 11am and 1pm and 2pm on Thursday the 7th.

Thats all that is open for this rare opportunity.

Hopefully I will see you soon

Misty “Level Up” Mozejko

PS: I rarely offer Fat Loss and Freedom Sessions, but I see so many people struggling because they are being mislead by the media. I really need to set the record straight.


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