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When you can’t stretch out the back rolls any more.

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Her eyes flashed with anger as she looked up from our pricing sheet. Her arms and legs were crossed and she turned her body ever so slightly away from me.

She stared at me with hatred and told me that there was no way she paying those fees. She was horrified that our weight loss program took a year to get results and she was disgusted that our average cost was $177 a month.

She was furious.

But I had a feeling that her rage was not ALL my fault.

I had a feeling that really, underneath that armour, she was really just pissed at the situation.

I get it. You eat and drink your way out of all your clothes. You enjoy warm blankets and couch time instead of freezing cold cardio and you indulge in feel good foods with Ben and his delicious friend Jerry.

And then, you wake up one day with a stomach that cannot be sucked in and back rolls that won’t stretch out and you panic.

You need them gone.

You need them erased, ironed out, melted off.

You cannot stand to live like this ANY LONGER.

And so when foul-mouthed Misty comes along and tells you that you can have the answers to your problems but that it will take a year and a few thousand dollars….

…your instant reaction is to get mad at me.

You want me to tell you that losing weight *forever* will take just a few weeks. You want to believe that you could be 10 pounds skinnier by next Tuesday and that I should be able to promise this to you..NOW.

But i’m not a liar.

And, I will only work with people willing to put in the time.

And so, I let her anger subside and we went our separate ways….

…that is until 48 hours later when she emailed me and joined up for the 12 month program at $197 a month.

I get that you want a quick fix and with all the pyramid nutrition cash-cows around I am sure you can find an  “Ideal Protein Shake and Fake Don’t Eat Carbs” weight loss work-around that WILL give you a short term fix.

But….if you are sick of fake foods, nonsense rules (baby carrots are NOT the devil) and poisonous chemicals in your little silver food packets…

Then please take a look at a more long term option.

A whole foods program that includes 30 minute workouts and a hands on weight loss coach to over see your progress.

It’s on sale today too. I’d say it was a Black Friday Sale but actually….I think I just feel sorry for America.

Anyway, heres the link to $600 in savings:

Hope to see you soon


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