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Coach Natalie, Christa and I were just having a chat about a new gym that’s coming to town.

It’s very big, it has all the bells and whistles and we think the membership is over $200 or so each

You may know it. You may not…

The point is more about the bells and whistles than about the actual facility.

Gyms in general just don’t do it for me.

Before I owned my companies, I could never stay inspired at a gym for very long.

They felt big, intimidating and I was lost when it came to the equipment.

I actually felt quite foolish, like an impostor.

I joined a well know gym when I first started my weight loss journey.

They tried to upsell me immediately into the nutrition program.

Then, they tried to up sell me into personal training.

The thing is, gyms don’t want you there as just a member. They actually want you there to up sell you into a more expensive program.

And, if you won’t take the more expensive program, then it would be better for profitability, if you didn’t come at all.

They actually oversell memberships knowing that a certain percentage won’t show up anyway.

Nah….that environment wasn’t for me.

I quit shortly after joining…I wasn’t motivated to go.

During my cancellation meeting, they actually tried to hire me.


No, I knew I needed something much more inspiring, something more personal, something more hands on.

So I found myself a boot camp ran by a motivating personal trainer, who welcomed me with open arms.

The group of people I worked out with became friends and the results were fast and furious.

I felt stronger than I had …..ever.

This environment works, and it’s what we have here at WFBBC.

It’s the Cheers of the workout world.

You are part of a community.

This is YOUR gym.

Everybody does actually know your name 🙂

Now that’s more like it.

I mean, if you are going to spend $200 a month, you would at least like to be greeted by your own name at the door.

Am I wrong?

Anyway, i’ll get off my high horse.

Gym’s work for some people for sure.

Just not me, and people like me.

We need a little more care and attention 😉
Misty “Cheers” Mozejko
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