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Where were you this time last year?

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This time last year I lived in a 900 square foot condo. It was a little box, surrounded by 300 other little identical boxes. I didn't paint the walls…I couldn't be bothered. The only home decor attempt was made by my Mom when she came over one Summer and spruced the space up with some colour.

But this time last year, I hated that bloody little condo with it's white walls, noisy neighbours and busy-body board.

And so you know what I did? I changed it.

This time last year Natalie and Veronica were both miserable with their weight. They hated their reflection and were mortified by their limited wardrobe options. They felt fat, frumpy and self conscious and wanted desperately to lose weight.

And so you know what they did.? They changed it.

My friends son was living with his girlfriend's mother's in cramped apartment in Toronto. Between the dog and the three adults he was beginning to realize he needed a new place to call home for his soon to be fiancee. 

And so you know what he did? he changed it. He went out, with only the sheer ability to work his ass off, and he bought himself and his future wife a home. 

And Veronica and Natalie joined a prestigious boot camp and lost 40 pounds plus each.

And Misty found a beautiful century home where she can watch the snowflakes fall while she sips tea under a blanket.

And each one of these people gathered up their balls, pulled themselves waaaaaay outside their comfort zone and did the scary thing that needed to be done in order to make their lives better.

And goddam is it scary. 

I mean, the unknown is always scary but the great thing about humans, the great thing about YOU, is that you can always adapt.

I could send you to live on Mars and I bet you would find a way.

By genetic wonder….You will always adapt to your new surroundings and what was once scary just becomes the norm.

Think of how you got to where you are today. Your job, your husband, your kids…you once had to commit to doing something really scary and uncomfortable in order to get yourself these amazing things.

So, think about boot camp. If it scares you, then right there you know it's 100% without a doubt the ONE thing you need to do.

You need to just take a deep breath and jump in. And in one years time, your life will be a whole different level of awesome.

Try two weeks now and get yourself stronger by Christmas:

get comfortable being uncomfortable.

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