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Which Gym Character Are You?

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Listen, I have been in business a looooooong time.

Almost 10 years.

And thru these 10 years I have some to learn a thing or 2 about the type of people I see.

So, read through the following Gym Characters and let me know which one you are.

Social Butterfly.

When you come into the studio you know EVERYONE!!!

And everyone knows YOU.

You casually walk to your spot, high five a few people…chit chat with your “peeps”.

People love to work out near you as you work hard and are always chipper.

You love the friends you have made at boot camp and like to hang out with your fit pals..

After the workout, you may chat in the parking lot for a while, or offer some motivation to a new face.

Social Butterfly – you rock.

The In and Out.

You mean business when you enter the studio.

You arrive JUST on time, maybe 30 seconds late and throw your stuff in the corner.

You stride over to your spot and jump into the warm up with confidence.

You work your ass of during the workout, sweat like a beast and feel like a god.

When the session is over it’s back to reality….with one swoop of your arm, you have gathered your belongings.

Time waits for no man!

You causally yell good bye over your shoulder as you exit the building.


The Pre Game Selfie

Ever looked so hot before a workout you just needed to snap a pic and then check in on FB?

I hear you….sometimes it’s such a shame to ruin a good blow dry.

Plus, you want your friends to know what a badass you really are….

Sweaty selfies are also included in this character profile and prove to your fans just how committed to your health you are.

I salute you pre game selfie….you show them bitches how it’s done.

Moaning Minnie

You are the person whose face looks like a smacked ass as you drag yourself into the studio.

You are the person who complains at every exercise (but does it anyway).

You make excuses, you take too many breaks.

You whine when the instructor mis-counts, or someone is too close, or that you are too sweaty….or that the day ends in a Y.

BUT….Miss Moaning Minnie…

You still come back.

No matter how much you hate it, you keep trying.

And thats what counts in the end.

Moaning Minnie – you go girl.

The Anal Retentive.

You like your workout just so.

You like your spot in the studio.

You like the music just right.

You like the counting perfect and the exercises even.

If the instructor happens to miscount, you WILL let them know.

If the instruct happens to miss an side, you will ensure the entire class is informed….

You are a workout perfectionist and the queen of the burn.

The great thing about you is that you will CRUSH every workout….

Whats the point in coming if you are NOT going to make it a perfect?

We aspire to be you and you keep the instructors on their toes.

The Steady Eddy.

You are a diamond in the rough.

You love boot camp and come about 3 times a week.

You enjoy each workout and love to be with the people around you.

The trainers inspire you, the members motivate you and you are happy to be involved.

You kill your workouts but also like to have a glass of wine on the weekend.

Or may be a bottle.

You love to stay active but you know the pleasures of kicking back.

Boot camp keeps you on track so you can indulge a little during down time.

Steady Eddy, you are the epitome of balance.

Keep rocking on, we love your vibe.

SO which one are you?

Or maybe you are a little of everything?

If you ARE NOT a member ( ) which one would you like to be?

Hit reply and let me know 🙂

Misty “Steady Eddy and a little Social Butterfly” Mozejko

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