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Whitby residents at high-risk.

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Ever come across those people who try to make you feel bad about being healthy? They say derogatory comments and they try to put your efforts to shame?

They could say things like “you’re so boring” or “ come on, live a little”.

  • you don’t want to get too skinny
  • you don’t want to end up looking like a man
  • you don’t want to get obsessed with working out….

Blah blah de-fuckity blah.

Do you know whats really happening here?

Well, the fancy name for it is called “projection” but, as my friend Wyla so eloquently wrote (kinda, as I paraphrase the hell out of her):

It’s just that people feel stupid and so in an effort not to feel stupid, they project their insecurities onto you.

Basically, they want you to feel as crummy about yourself as they do.

And honestly, these people may not even realize they are doing it, but they are doing it nonetheless.

So, the people MOST at risk are those who have JUST started a workout and/or are thinking about getting healthy. 

Of course your BFF doesn’t want you to get healthy….who would she eat Dairy Queen with on Friday nights?

And for sure your partner doesn’t want to lose his drinking/Taco eating/movie watching buddy now does he….nah…who would melt the cheese over the Dorito’s at midnight every Saturday?

And so once you start mentioning that you are going to join a fitness and nutrition program like 10,000 Strong you can bet your bottom dollar these guys will be the first to pipe up.

Don’t get annoyed ok? Just let them project their insecurities, let them get it all out, and then suggest that you would love if you did it together…

With Misty and her team…

At 10,000 Strong…


Look we have your back on this. No matter who says what about your health goals and fitness regime, we will always support you.

We will always have the right answer for you and we can be the voice of reason in a world that has quite literally gone weightloss-crazy (see yesterdays email).

Of course, you have to start with a 2 week test drive first. I won’t hard sell you into a year long commitment without you coming to see what we do and how we do it. 

Your 2 week test drive comes complete with your very own Misty who will kick the ass of anyone who tries to dissuade you, an entire gang of supporters who will make sure you keep your eye on the prize and of course, a studio thats open 7 days a week so incase you need to run away from the negative nellies….you totally can.

Grab your 2 week escape plan here:

We are waiting for you.

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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