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Why NO-STARVE Fasting is Whitby’s weight loss addiction

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Don’t you just hate (like with a goddam PASSION) figuring out the best weight loss program you should follow next?

Misty RHN, owner of 10,000 Strong lost 120 pounds.

I do, I hate it more than going to the dentist but the thing is, women get much better result when they are following a well thought out and delicious weight loss plan than when they just try to wing it.

Winging it ALWAYS ends in disaster and ultimately, putting back on all the weight (AND MORE) that they once lost while following a program.

Trust me, as a former fatty who weighed in a 305 pounds (and lost 120), losing weight and helping others do the same has become my 10-year obsession at my Whitby boot camp 10,000 Strong.

And look, when I was 27, losing weight was a hell of a lot easier than at 37.

I simply cut some carbs and added in that cardio and bobs-your-uncle…10 pounds melted of my body in days.

But now…

Now with the stress of being a single mom, the stress of running 2 successful businesses and the stress of gaining back 20 pounds after my shitty-ass divorce…

Well, weight loss ain’t no walk in the park anymore.

Nope. We’re certainly not in Kansas anymore Toto.

In fact, losing weight over 30 is HARD ASS WORK and you need a bloody nutrition detective to show you exactly what you need to do.

And so, as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a personal trainer, the owner and founder of 10,000 Strong Nutrition and Fitness Revolution in Whitby AND an obesity survivor…I am telling there is only ONE WAY to make weight loss a breeze for women over 30:

And it’s called:  intermittent fasting.


Before you click away thinking that I am asking you to starve yourself….let me be very CLEAR.

The fat loss focused fasting plan we do at my studio is NO-STARVE fasting approach.

It basically uses the shockingly fast weight loss benefits of fasting while keeping you full with just enough calories to keep the metabolism fired up and burning fat.

Of course…here at 10,000 Strong Boot Camp we triple the results of our Hour Glass Fast program with unlimited and convenient 30 minute HIIT metabolic training workouts here at the studio and well..

The results are addictive.

Typically with 24-72 hours, you will lose your first 5 pounds and then as the next 21 days continue you’ll drop in the region of 10-13 pounds.

You’ll also cure all your sweet cravings as your stabilize your blood sugar. You’ll lower your bad cholesterol as well as your blood pressure.

You’ll gain energy and support that sluggish thyroid and above all else.


Clothes that once clung to unsightly tummy fat will slide gracefully over your flat stomach and skinny jeans that bulged at the seams now zip up with ease.

And truly…it’s not about the number on the scale, it’s about how you confident you feel in your clothes and how good you feel in your own skin.

Look, Whitby women (and even some men) are completly addicted to the fat loss results they are getting from our Hour Glass Fast, take a quick looks at their results:

Terri says:  Holy shyte down 4.2 lbs 😱in 72 hours!

Clinton wrote: Feels good! I’ve lost 2 pounds in 48 hours already. Thanks Teresa Misty Rhn!

Charles commented: “This morning I weighed 169.6. Down 1.4 pounds. I’m motivated by that immediate positive change as much as any normal human being. The entire rest of this 3 week process will now be mentally much easier. Follow the process. It works. Thank you Misty for sharing.

Daisy wrote: Down 2.5 here in 3 days, which is astounding since I was already dieting and the non-fast days are FAR more than I was having before.

OK so yes, you can see these people are having insane results after just a couple of days on this plan../

Shanai shows us what 10 pounds of fat looks like once you lose it.

But what about those after three weeks in?

“Here goes my HGF success: We have all talked about the success of the HGF,…what we lost ….% of fat, inches or pounds… I have not only lost a bit in each of those areas….but I have also gained something -CONFIDENCE …. that’s right ! because it takes a lot of confidence to wear a knitted dress with a belt to an all women’s event on the weekend…no undergarments to hold anything in place!!”  Shashela T

“My scale shows 11 lbs lost so far! 🙂 and I’m so enjoying this challange!! I find the fasting days a little challenging near the end of the day for me, but it’s fine I find them totally doable! Especially if you have that goal at the end!… Whatever that may be!  And I’m just appreciative of not only the opportunity to follow this great healthy plan, but the timing was perfect for me!!! I needed that kick in the butt!! :)” Shanai V

“I have to say though, I’m loving this meal plan. The food is delicious so far! I love having my meals planned out too. I can really see how this benefits and how not planning my meals is when I end up eating less healthy.”  Beth B

Ayo shows off his 11 pounds of fat lost in 3 weeks in The Hour Glass Fast Program.

“Tomorrow (Mar 2nd) will mark exactly 2 months since I stepped into the 10,000  Strong workout studio. At 212lbs, I felt heavy and exhausted all the time. I needed several cups of dark roast coffee to get through each day at work.

Anyhow, the 3-week HGF and Misty’s many inspirational messages were a turning point. The HGF wasn’t too difficult for me. I worked out on average 4 days a week during the HGF and dropped 11lbs.

My muscles are getting stronger each day Great work Misty and all the instructors at 10,000 Strong!” Ayo A

Look, as a local Whitby woman, this program couldn’t be more perfect for you if weight loss is what you have been searching for.

The intermittent fasting program at 10,000 Strong will help you easily drop 10 pounds (or more) within 21 days. This means your Spring and Summer are set to be your leanest ever….and of course, you are welcome to repeat the meal times as many times as it takes for you to lose all the weight you want.

You can purchase your boot camp and fasting program combo right here and join the 100 plus Whitby and Oshawa men and women who are well on their way to a fasting lifestyle. In fact, just click the link below and your instant download will be sent to your inbox so you can start today!

21 day Hour Glass Fast @ 10,000 Strong

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