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Who Keeps Complaining?

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No like seriously….who keeps reporting my emails? Who keeps hitting the complaint button? 

I write emails every day. EVERY DAM DAY, if you don't like them, then do us all a favour and hit the unsubscribe button. It's at the bottom of this email. Every day….

Life is to short for passive aggressive complainers, either shit or get off the pot….

Which brings me to todays message..

Passive aggressive complainers…

There are going to be people this holiday season who are going to try and kill your fitness buzz.

They are going to tell you that you are being an anal retentive. They are going to try to persuade you to eat and drink fat laden, sugar coated num-nums that will simply ruin your progress.

Misery does love company after all.

These passive aggressive comments are going to make you feel guilty for spending time on your goals. These comments are going to weaken your resolve. These little quips and snarky digs could possibly through your whole routine into the gutter..,

…or worse…stop you from EVER starting one 🙁

So, over the next few weeks I want you to know that it's ok to take some time to be selfish. No-one will die if you don't eat Christmas cookies at work. The world won't stop spinning if you take 30 minutes to work out or go for a run on the holidays.

I always run on Christmas Day and Boxing day….it's my #safespace 🙂

Hey, I know this time of year is not exactly prime weight loss season…but dontcha think, with all the shitty food and long nights on the couch….

….dontcha think maybe it should be a time where you DO actually do MORE fitness and nutrition planning?

Yeaaaaaaup. It is.

And so, while I know not many people will carve out the time to try out our boot camp this month…maybe you will??

Maybe you will be the one that gets read NOW for 2017.

If you are brave enough….click here and try a few classes out so you know exatly where your new nutrition and fitness home will be next year:

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