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Who was your best childhood teacher?

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Less than a week to go folks…yup, as of next Monday, almost 100 women and men will be starting our intermittent fasting program.

It has a hard start date of Jan 16th so if you miss this, you cannot join in later…you have to start on time because the way this program is formulated means you can’t miss a day.

Every single workout and every single meal is planned out with NO detail spared.

Every one of your fasting calories is alotted. Every hour is planned.

Honestly, we have pulled out all the stops this time…..


Because I need you to focus on this.

You know that when you really put the time and effort in time, when you focus and pay attention to the details, when you know exactly what you need to do…well that’s when the magic happens.

Remember that awesome teacher you had in school? The one that explained things in such a way that it just clicked? The teacher that just knew what to say to make it stick? 

Well that’s me (after all, i’ve been helping lose weight people for 10 years now)

And….do you remember how easy that test was once you had grasped the material, understood the problem, knew the content?

Well, that’s like this 21 day program you’ll be starting on Monday.

Everything is explained so well that it will just click and therefore the results will be nothing short of amazing.

The meal plan is sent out to all registrants this weekend and if you are not on the list, you cannot play along.

Want in? Good, click here for sign up details:

This WILL be the program that works for you.

Till tomorrow….

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

[MEMBERS] as always this challenge is free for you so please email if you want in 🙂

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