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Why are slimy, frozen tilapia meal plans still a thing?

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Do you know what’s gross? Plain oatmeal with water. 

Do you know what else is gross? Plain chicken breast with steamed broccoli.

Or how about steamed spinach, or steamed kale?

What about boiled split peas as a side or unseasoned tilapia as the main?

Blah fucking blah – no wonder you lose weight on your standard personal trainer meal plans…you’re so bored with food you’d rather eat air than another slimy piece of frozen fish.

Dude..look. I get it. I know dieting is not exactly a barrel of laughs. But do all the OTHER personal trainers in the world REALLY have to make it harder by asking you to live on 5 almonds and an apple slice?

Talk about kicking a girl when she’s down!

So, instead of living in a bland, unseasoned world of weight loss foods, OR WORSE, nuking some sodium infused, Weight Watchers microwave meal (go check the sodium levels….)

Maybe you should work with me and my team of taste testers and enjoy weight loss meal plans that are delicious, nutritious and well…full of “aha” moments.

Cindy recently said this about our weight loss plan:

“First of all I just want to say that my first week has been a huge learning curve filled with ‘ah-ha’ moments. I think kick starting a healthy lifestyle with a ‘fasting’ program like this really set’s you up for success. After years of developed bad habits this program reboots you……not just your body but your mind. I am learning how to be hungry again. That feeling of the rumbling tummy. I am learning to embrace that feeling again rather than have it send me into panic mode. 

Secondly, the menu is excellent! This is how I’ve always wanted to eat but never was prepared – so again, I made bad choices. Not always unhealthy food choices, but definitely bad portion control. This menu of food choices is certainly something I can keep up with for the rest of my life – happily. I am totally loving my new found fondness for raw and toasted coconut. I always thought I didn’t like coconut that much – turns out it’s only shredded coconut I’m not fond of. It’s a texture thing I guess.

And I love how this food program also cuts out a lot of sugar, which is something I was looking to do in this new year. Bonus!”

Now, Cindy is doing our Hour Glass Fast program as well as working out at the boot camp. We have an unlimited schedule with over 45 classes a week so she’s able to go when she pleases.

Cindy has never been to my fat loss boot camp before and so she is offering up this testimonial as a completely unbiased and uncensored newbie (and I love her for it).

The reason I'm sharing her words with you is because Cindy has basically hit the nail on the head for many of my readers. And now, with the help of the 10,000 Strong team, she is conquering everything that held her back.

Is time ya know.

It’s your time.

You know you gotta do this and there is no better, safer and more effective environment that with me and my crew.

Come try us out for 2 weeks, no obligation. I just need you to see and feel the workouts, the environment and the results for yourself. Grab a 2 week pass here:

Ok folks…time for my avocado on toast afternoon snack 🙂 YUM.

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

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