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Why Being A Tough Cookie if Good For Your Health

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This email is for all my diplomats. All my peace keepers and all my drama-free diva’s.

And it’s a lesson about being a bit more of a tough cookie.


My state of the art studio is in small strip mall in Whitby. We share space with a nail salon, convenience store, kids boutique and some other bits and pieces.

My studio is a bustling place, lots of smiling people and energy going in and out every day.

I love the hustle and bustle of a successful business but it appears one of my strip mall neighbours does not.

He complains about my business monthly.

He writes letters to the landlord that his Bongs are shaking on his walls because of my classes.

He whines about noise levels and the sounds of the weights.

He is always complaining about something or another….

And guess what….none of it is true. I have personally tested every decibel, I have reinforced structures, I have monitored voice levels. I know my shit and so, it’s time to become a tough cookie.

See the thing is, if you remain a diplomat and peace keeper in every single situation that comes your way, you are going to run into people who take advantage of that.

They see your kind nature and they will work it for their own perceived benefits.

And, like I did, you will try to run around appeasing every whim….even though you don’t need to.

But these people keep pushing, keep stressing you out, until one day you toughen up.

You dig your heels in and you tell this person straight up the way its going to be.

You might has this person at work, in your family.

Maybe you have a bong selling neighbour who whines at you every day?

Whoever this person is, stand up to them and give them some hell.

They will respect you MORE in the long run and it will stop them pushing you around 🙂

…..NOTHING on fitness today…just some life lessons.

Talk soon

Misty “do NOT poke the bear” Mozejko

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