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Why Being Fat Helps People Get Thin

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Oh shoot me…so I used the “F” word…yes, I said the word FAT in an email and lord knows this usually ruffles some feathers.

But before you gather your pitchforks and hunt me down, i’m actually referring myself. Now honestly, I don’t even consider myself fat, maybe a little softer than I’m used too, maybe a little curvier than some. But not “fat”.

But I have been fat before. Like “morbidly obese” fat. I have been size 26 pant fat. I have been fat enough that I wouldn’t have fit in an airline seat without spilling over into my next door neighbours lap…

I have been so low that I used eating as an escape. I have been so stressed that I have used drinking to find some relief. I have been so sad that I have skipped workouts…for weeks at a time.

And I have paid the price for all of this. I really have. But here’s the rub…

Who is a better motivator? Someone who has been fit and skinny all their life or someone who has had to battle for it?

Who is a better inspiration? The trainer who has bulging muscles and ripped abs, or the coach who has lost 80lbs and continues to get stronger?

Who would you want to learn from? A nutritionist who has 10 years of street smart nutrition, or a fitness model who chokes back 3 protein shakes, 2 protein bars and 12 eggs whites a day?

Maybe you do find inspiration in all the up and coming Instagram Weight Loss Coaches. Maybe you DO aspire to be a fitness model one day. Maybe, you are hell bent on a six pack. And all that is totally cool.

But, and I say this with no hesitation, everyone needs a plan for the long term. Everyone needs to be thinking “bigger picture”. We all need to create a lifestyle of health and wellness.

A lifestyle of wellness, by the way, means working out daily, means eating well every day, means saying no to bad foods more than saying yes. It means getting in a groove, it means getting a set of friends who dig the same stuff. It means making health the priority.

– Surviving your stressful life means health comes second.
– Partying with your friends every weekend means health comes second.
– Drinking away the days stress means health comes second.
– Being lazy and disorganized with food means health comes second.

Making health and wellness more like a part time job >>> means health comes first ;0)

So look, if you need a little help with resetting your mind, with rejigging your priorities, with getting into the groove of a healthy life style, why not come try us out for a few weeks.

Our no obligation test drives mean that you get an instant pick me up, a chance to kick start your nutrition and an opportunity to meet people who will drag you kicking and screaming towards a leaner and stronger YOU.

In just 2 weeks you will drop weight, get stronger and above all, feel GOOD about getting healthy.

Just go here to have a chat with one of our most inspirational Coaches. Andrew has lost 80 lbs himself and so knows just what you need:

And look, as I said, getting healthy will be your next part time job. The pay is INCREDIBLE 😉

Talk soon

Misty “health comes first” Mozejko

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