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Why did you stop working out?

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What’s more important to you? Your emotional needs or your physical needs?

See, I had a thought this morning while day dreaming. I broke up with my boyfriend last week. And, during this really painful and emotional time, I really prioritized my emotional self.

Stress will do that to a person. It will make them go into a very protective state. Their brains work overtime to sort through the shattering of emotion that just took place.

Their sliced up heart needs a moment to sew back the pieces.

Whether you went through a divorce, a death, a move or an illness…your emotional self will take priority and demand time to convalesce.

But the thing is, at one point you need to emerge from that cocoon. You need to realize that your physical self needs to get back on the horse. Your physical body still needs you to move, sweat, contract and stretch.

And, to be honest, through my divorce I made the mistake of ignoring this need. I made the mistake of keeping my emotional self top of the totem pole. My workout suffered. My nutrition suffered. 

My wardrobe also suffered 😉

And so this time, while I did take that time for my emotional self to start the healing process…I am pushing myself to put the physical self back on top.

And I want you to know that if you have suffered heart ache and HAVE NOT climbed back up and into your workouts and nutrition…

…then it’s time.

Your physical self needs its time in the spot light…and, while I won’t go off on a tangent on you today, your emotional self actually also needs your physical self to be healthy, happy and whole.

Thanks for reading this email today. It wasn’t an easy one to write.

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