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Why going to the Gym in Insane.

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Ok, it’s 2015 people.

2015!! We just confirmed water on Mars and we have robots that can talk.

We are caught in a technological race which means every. single. day we push the limits of what the human race is capable of.

And so you can imagine how much it boggles my mind when people come to my studio and tell me they are still spending 2 hours at the gym every time they go in!

They hate it.

They certainly don’t have time for it.

So why do they do it?

Because some people haven’t realized there are better, much more convenient ways to do things.

Look, some people still watch Cable when they could be watching an Android box.

Some people still go into the bank to pay bills instead of doing it online.

Some people still swear by going to the mall at Christmas instead of online shopping <<< I hate malls ANY time of year but Christmas at the mall is like torture. But many people have realized there are quicker ways to get better results. Our 30 minute classes still get you lean. Your 30 minute nutrition session still gets you on track. It’s just we have figured out a way do to things a lot quicker. It’s no lie, we are all busy and somehow we have to keep fit, hold down a job and see our families. It’s not easy fitting it in but there is not point making it harder by staying at your big box gym. Sure, my studio is more expensive, but the time and energy spent saves money in the long run. Stop doing things the hard way. Why would you? When there is a proven method thats 10 times easier, stop making it harder. Join us for a 2 week test drive 🙂 Hit reply and I will get you all set up. Talk soon Misty “queen of the quickie workout” Mozejko PS: We are slap bang in the middle of Dollar Daze. If you know a member and you are brand new to the studio, they can bring you in for a dollar for the entire month. Suggestion: go find a member friend 😉

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