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Why I CRY When People Get Lap Band.

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Oh I know i’ll ruffle some feathers here….and thats ok.

I do it well 🙂

But today’s topic is my HATRED for lap band surgery.

I’m sorry, but for 99% of the over-weight populace, Lap Band shouldn’t be a solution.

Now look, before you shoot me down, my good friend has had lap band, and guess what…it worked well. But, out of the thousands of people I have spoken to over the years, she is the only person who has made it work.

The problems I see with lap band are not physical, they are mental.

And really, this goes for any “weight loss” fix.

You see, losing weight IS NOT just a physical thing…in my opinion, it’s more mental than anything else.

We use food to solves emotional problems.

We are addicted to food.

We use food to make ourselves feel better.

Our mom’s instilled beliefs about food into our psyche, we have strong psychological ties to eating.

Food is connected to love, to happiness, to good times.

Thoughts about food and eating invade our brain all day every day.

So how on earth will a device in my stomach help fix my brain?
I mean sure, you are physically altering the organs that deal with food.

But the brain is the power house here.

If we don’t fix that, what happens then?

Do our addictive tendencies move onto something else? Something stronger?

Do we become depressed as we are left with no coping strategies for stress?

Do we become mineral, vitamin and protein deficient because our bodies are not receiving adequate nutrition?

^^^ The answers are yes.

Lap Band Surgery comes with a host of side effects.

Jumping to this as the solution is NOT going to fix your head.

And as scary as joining a workout and nutrition program may feel, it’s way less scarier than invasive surgery and it’s complications.

So look, if you want, you can come try out our 3 week food and fitness challenge and just SEE what kind of results you can get.

It can’t hurt, in fact it will only make things better.

Your nutritionist is going to help your brain and your body.

Your supportive group of members and trainer are going to help your confidence and strength.

We can tackle this from the inside out.

Yeh it’ll take longer, but it’s a life long solution.

Go here to find out more:

Or call for a chat 905 7253222

Either way, I hope to see you soon

Misty “would rather lap dance than lap band” Mozejko

PS: If you have had lap band and are offended by my views, that’s ok. You can hit reply and let off steam if you like.

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