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Why I hate the name “boot camp”….

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Why I hate the name “boot camp”….
I know that may come as a surprise to you…
I mean, after all, my company is called Fit Body Boot Camp…but let me explain.
It’s not so much the name, as the connotation attached to the name.

When I was obese, boot camp to me meant getting yelled at by super muscly men who were pushing me to do exercises I couldn’t do.

Boot camp made me feel self-conscious. I figured I would be the big, fat out of shape girl in a room of fitness models.

I didn’t feel ready for “boot camp”. I felt like I would hold the class back.

I have learned many things along the way, through my weight loss and business coaching and so…
…when I created my companies, I focused on one thing.

Regardless of the name, the studio would be welcoming for all shapes and sizes.

Sessions are taught by highly qualified, compassionate trainers who all have had their own battles to over come.

Every workout is designed for you, at your level.

Yes you will be pushed but not beyond what you are capable of.

You will workout alongside people who support you. People who have been in your shoes.

People that are new to working out and people that have been working out for a long time and are aching to see you succeed.

Never have FEAR about joining a “boot camp”.

After all, F.E.A.R actually means: Fake Evidence Appearing Real.

AKA: what you think to be real, actually isn’t.

I hope this clears up any FEAR you have been suffering from.

People tell me all the time how scared they were to “do a boot camp”, and then they realize that our training sessions come from the heart and not from big, loud, noisy mouths 🙂

Hope you take the plunge…

Misty “I do have a big mouth, but usually it says nice things” Mozejko
PS: If you have a friend in Boot Camp…they can always bring you in to try it out. We have a Share the Love week coming up on Feb 9th and you are welcome to come with a friend.

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