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Why super short goals blast plateaus better.

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I was driving back from Mississauga today (seems I spend half my life there these days) and I got to thinking about boot camp.

See, the way I run my boot camp versus everyone else out there is different.

Our fitness family get a way different experience than your run of the mill training facility.

I mean I get that you can go anywhere and do a bunch of burpees.

You can plank on almost anything and anyone and well lets be fair…you can run anywhere for free.

So why should people come to MY boot camp over anything else?

It’s a good question right?

I have many answers but the one I was thinking about today was our all included challenges.

The reason my team spend months orchestrating 3 and 4 week challenges is because as humans, we work well when we have short term goals and projects.

Boot camp is awesome, and seeing the nutritionist monthly keeps you on track food wise but there is nothing like fully immersing yourself in a 3 week challenge to really pus results or break a plateau.

And so, what we have created is an environment where every day you get amazing trainers and nutritionists, but then, every couple of months you have the opportunity to re-focus on yourself.

Take our Master Your Macro challenge that starts Monday….

For 3 weeks you get to to fully focus on your personalized dietary needs and of course your daily workouts.

For 21 days, pre-christmas, you will be working on yourself and your goals and so when Christmas hits, it won’t be a complete shit show 😉

This is why we create challenges – so we can teach people, help them re-focus and help them move forward to feeling amazing.

The Macro Challenge starts Monday and if you are not one of the 85 people on the list, then you are kinda later.

If you still want to sign up, then just call Katie at 905 556 1430 and she can fast track your registration and make sure you get everything in time.

More info can be found here: 🙂

Hope to see you soon

Misty “last minute reminders work” Mozejko

PS: The challenge is $197….consider it an early xmas pressie to yourself.

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