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why the ex-spurts sweep nutrition under the carpet

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Boom Shaka Laka!

So we have this amazing member called Sue and she once told me something I will never forget…

She had just received the meal prepping meal plan we did last year, which was a total BEHEMOTH of a meal
plan BTW, and she wrote me a thank you note.

She wanted to thank me for putting so much time and effort into to the meal plans and making them so organized and explanatory.

And you know what, that meant a lot.

See I have been to nutritionists who don’t bother giving out day by day meal plans, I’ve seen other personal trainers just print off something from Google. I know that nutrition is something a lot of gyms and trainers just sweep under the carpet as it’s such a personalized and complex matter to handle.

It’s not something a lot of people are interested in.

But to me, nutrition is the most important thing for your weight loss AND your health, so if you don’t get quality meal plans then you are going to suffer.

Your goals will suffer.

Your body will suffer.

So yes, a lot of time, knowledge, planning and organization go into these meal plans because I want you to succeed.

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talk soon

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