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Why this 40 year old can kick your 20 year old ass.

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You gotta hear this. This is a real Q and A session from a real current member:

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Can do you more burpee’s, pushups and plank holds? Tell me how you have become STRONGER….

I am stronger. When I joined I could do 1…maybe 2 real push ups. Today I can do 8…at least! More importantly, I can do a number of rounds of them! I am also faster on the pitch…out running 20 & 30 somethings!! Yay me!!

Do you think you have built endurance? Can you sprint faster, can your breathing keep up, can you recover faster? Tell me how you have increased your ENDURANCE…

Yes! Sprint faster, I’m not as winded, find that I can run longer.

Have you lost weight, fat or inches yet? Do your clothes fit better, has the scale come down or can see you see the reduction in the mirror? Tell me how your shape has CHANGED…

My jeans are sliding on! I look forward to trying on last year’s winter clothes which were feeling stuffy & tight at the end of the season last year.

Now….thats all well and good…..but now I want to know HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF.

I love myself. I feel empowered & take more control over my life. I won’t settle. Appreciation is coming.


Don’t you want to feel the same sense of accomplishment as Tracy does?

You can feel stronger, slimmer and prouder in a matter of 19 days.

You will love yourself too. And that, my friends, is what it all really boils down too.

Starting January 18th we have our famous 19 Day Detox starting.

Just a few of the things included are:

[+] A 3 stage juicing protocol for detox and fat loss

[+] 19 days of meal plans

[+] Unlimited Group training sessions in our studio

[+] Unlimited motivation for your New Year’s jumpstart

[+] The chance to work with the most experienced trainers in the GTA

[+] Access to GTA’s most passionate Nutritionist

[+] Before and after body composition and results analysis.

We have sold 40% of the spots available in just 3 days.

I’m prepping the wait list already as I know I will have a long list of hopefuls on it.

You can avoid the wait list, and save a couple of bucks if you register today.

It’s $97 this year….because I am feeling uber-generous.

Just click on over here:

Remember, we are doing this to help you get a huge jump start on your 2016 health goals.

You will quickly balance your body and ignite your fat burning hormones.

I can’t stress how amazing you will feel.

Don’t wait >>>>>

Always here to help


PS: Toxin build up is responsible for far worse things than excess fat.

An overload of toxins in the system causes Cancer.

Compacted fecal matter and undigested foods in the colon create mass amount of toxic waste.

Toxic waste that causes Cancer.

No if’s and and’s or but’s.

Not trying to scare you…just telling you some truths.

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