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Why this stupid machine is wrecking your results.

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You know what, it’s time to ditch the scale.

Nah, I’m serious.

I am in the middle of answering my 1 billionth email in regards to “why the scale isn’t moving”…and I need to address this problem.

People email me all the time to complain about how they have been working out as hard as possible. They have been eating perfectly. They have done everything they should and yet the scale hasn’t moved in 2 weeks.

No word of how much stronger they feel.

No word on how much looser their pants feel.

No comment about how proud they are of themselves for finally sticking to the plan and not quitting at the first sign of PMS.

They see the scale as the final word on weight loss.

Which is insane. It’s a hunk of metal and plastic. It has no bearing on your success. It can’t dictate whether you are winning or losing this game of health.

But you gave it power. YOU gave it the authority to make or break your day.

Imagine: You get up in the morning feeling skinny and lean. You are feeling good about your progress and can even notice the change in your legs and ass.

Yes, this would be a good day to get on the scale. Yes, the scale will have moved down and will totally validate how good you feel.

And so, on you hop. And with an air of expectation you look at the numbers as they steady themselves.

You read them. And then, you read them again. You double check against your last weigh in numbers….and then you read the scale again.

How is this possible? You gained half a pound.


This is insane. I worked so fugking hard. I freaking worked out every day and ate nothing but salad and I GAINED A POUND….

FUGK THIS SHIT….i’m getting a muffin. Clearly nothing is going to work on this stupid body so I might as well eat what I want.”

…..and just like that….all those feelings you had before your stepped on the “most unreliable machine in the world” have gone.

Poof – vanished. As if by magic, all the good thoughts you were having about yourself have been replaced with hate and self loathing.


If it does, you are NO LONGER allowed to step on the scale.

If you are a member, bring your scale to boot camp and put in on my desk. You can have it back in January.

If you are a non-member, drop off your scale with your name and you can have yours back in January, too.

The only thing is, only the members are going to have a nice surprise come the New Year. With their continued eating plans and of course their workouts 4-7 times a week.

If you want the same thing to happen to you, but you have YET to come try us out this would be the perfect chance.

We always offer a 2 week test drive so you can try before you buy. Andrew, our Director of Scale Awareness is in charge of making you feel amazing…just email him at for more info.

Talk soon

Misty “Scale Emergency Hot Line” Mozejko

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