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Why those who diss detoxes have NO IDEA.

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This memoir is from member Gina B. She wrote this and sent it over after last years detox program we hold every January…

it’s epic.


New Year….

New Resolutions….

New Fitness Goals were my thoughts as 2015 rolled upon us.

Detox Challenge ……

Perfect timing …I thought, I was eager to dive into the world known as “Juicing”.

I was excited to get my meal plan and juicing recipe’s, my new machine adorned my counter top, my cold cellar holding all of the fresh produce that I would need for the next week to get me started.

The morning of Jan 12th arrived, and I suddenly found my stomach in knots, butterflies-a-swirling during my early morning boot camp class. I felt like a contestant on Fear Factor, the fear of the unknown taste of my first morning juice creeping up on me, I did not see this coming!!!! Nothing intimidates me!!! The juice will not get the better of me!!!! It will not win!!!!

I whipped up my first ever medley of produce, and just went for it….


what was that????

“Hey this tastes pretty good” I thought to myself, and the rest as we know it folks….is history.

I knew from this point onwards, that this would be forever included in my day to day, my lifestyle.

What ensued over the next 3 weeks, consisted of increased energy levels, clearer skin, more focus on my work and family and expanding my knowledge of the juicing world.

I have officially become an Addict, so much so that I burnt out the motor on my 3 week old machine, time to trade up this bad boy for the mack daddy of juicer’s, after all …..I am investing in my health and this is a small price to pay for such a hefty investment, with such awesome returns!!!!!

Speaking of awesome returns on your investment….where did my new juicing lifestyle get me in 3 weeks you ask……Well it got me 7Lbs down in my body weight, a 2% loss in body fat , a 1% loss in BMI , and inches lost all around!!!!!!

I have seen the light, this is the new me and my body is thanking me , and I in turn thank Misty @ Whitby Boot Camp for showing me the way and for taking the time to invest in her members and fitness family!!!!

I in turn have managed to sway my husband to adopt the juicing regime with me, and for those who know my husband, will concur that, that in itself is a feat and a huge Win for us.

The Results don’t lie!!!!!

^^ The above is word for word what Gina wrote. She wanted to share exactly how our Jan 2015 19 Day Detox had not only affected her life but her husbands as well.

And I wanted to let you know, this could be YOU too.

Detox’s get dissed by the general public. I hear it every time I run one (and yet we still manage to sell them out).. People tell me they are dangerous, unsustainable and even damaging.

And this could be true, if you are planning to do the Lemon, Cayenne and Honey cleanse that was famous IN THE 90’S.

Well guess what, it’s 2015 and you are not Janet Jackson, so we won’t need to worry about drinking sweet and sour lemon water for 3 weeks now will we?

Instead, just know that you will drink 2 juices a day and eat a slow carb meal plan in between. You’ll continue to work out with our trainers as many times as you like too…why? Because you’ll be full of energy.

Now before you try to register for this sell out challenge, i’ll let you know that we don’t start registration until Dec 28th and the detox starts Jan 18th. It has to be done early as we tend to sell out quickly and processing 100 people takes time 🙂

So this is your “fluffer” the meanwhile you are welcome to come hang out with our members and trainers here:

This group of sassy peeps are 50% motivation and 50% inspiration all packaged up into a little ball of gorgeousness. If you want to be around some like minded people and learn a little more about our community, you can join us. You’ll have to be in there anywhere if you want to join the detox.

Plus, it’ll give you something to look forward too after you are done quaffing wine and mince pies (oh wait, that’s me).

Talk soon folks

Misty ” Mince Pie Monster” Mozejko

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