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Why Toxin’s Are Total Fat Hoarders.

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Lets get something straight: Toxin buildup prevents weight loss.

Yep…not only will over eating, over drinking and over indulgence cause massive weight gain this holiday season…

but…massive amount of toxic build up will prevent you from losing weight in the New Year…


Because toxic buildup kills our natural fat burning ability.

Studies prove, that when your toxic load reaches a certain level in the body…weight loss can never occur.

In fact, weight loss can only resume once you flush out all the crap you managed to cram in there.

So what is the fastest way to kick start fat loss again???

A nutritionist approved, detox and fat loss program that is laser focused on a full body flush….


If you are having issues losing weight >>>> lets talk about the 19 Day Detox program that starts Jan 18th.


Not only do toxins prevent weight loss, damage fat cells and wreak havoc on our thyroid…

…it also messes with our Leptin levels.

Leptin is a natural hormone that regulates the amount of fat stored in the body.

We don’t want ANYTHING messing with that!

Now, Christmas is coming, and with that comes massive amount of toxins from the food and drink we will ingest..

It also means a 7lb weight gain for the majority of the population.

So, not only are you going to gain weight…but it’s going to be really hard to lose it again.

Definitely not a winning combination.

And not something I want any of you to have to suffer through come January.

Which is why I have created a master plan.

A 19 Day Detox program designed to explode more fat than ever before.

A juicing and clean eating plan designed to SPECIFICALLY flush out toxins, regulate hormones, control blood sugar and burn fat.

It’s quite ingenious (even if I do say so myself).

Your 19 day program includes a juicing protocol, meal plans, recipes and of course unlimited boot camp training sessions.

Here is some science-y stuff to explain why exercise is important during a detox:

Once we start flushing out toxins, they will mobilize throughout our body via our blood stream. We DO NOT want these toxins to get reabsorbed into the body so…

…we rely upon Lymph fluid to deal with removal.

Lymph is responsible for dealing with the removal of toxins from the body so we don’t reabsorb them and end up back at square one.

Exercise is the ONLY THING that moves lymph fluid around the body.

So by joining our training sessions as well as the meal plans, we can ensure you get maximum results.

Make sense?

We are NOT just tackling fat loss in the program…no no.

We are ensuring every system is taken care of…after all…when everything works together in unison…we can be the healthiest version of ourselves.

Listen….I have this 19 Day Detox program rolling out.

It starts January 18th 2016 and it will sell out.

Your 19 Day Detox includes:

[+] A 3 stage juicing protocol for detox and fat loss

[+] 19 days of meal plans

[+] Unlimited Group training sessions in our studio

[+] Unlimited motivation for your New Year’s jumpstart

[+] The chance to work with the most experienced trainers in the GTA

[+] Access to GTA’s most passionate Nutritionist

[+] Before and after body composition and results analysis.

This is your only chance to ensure 2016 is set up to be your fittest year ever.

Proper nutrition and challenging workouts provided to you by the most experienced coaches around.

Better than any pill, powder or potion you could ever take.

The price is just $97 but once this thing gains momentum, we will sell out and no more spots will be open.


Sign up here:

You won’t regret it.

You will actually look forward to it.

Now, go enjoy your New Year – in moderation of course.

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Misty “all about that juice” Mozejko

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